Move From Success To Significance:
Transcend Survival Mode & Authentically Thrive

Release the limits of conventional success and unleash your full potential with the guidance of high performance coaching

A proven framework that delivers tangible results


Individualized coaching that helps clients become better leaders by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, clarifying their goals, and taking steps to remove counterproductive habits. Improve your communication skills, work relationships, confidence, and decision-making abilities as you overcome challenges and remain accountable for your ideas


Help your organization take unified, intentional action with custom conferences, workshops, team trainings, or corporate gatherings. Whether it’s a team of 5 or 500, sign up for an unforgettable experience that produces cultural transformation, drives team engagement, and improves productivity.


Participate in a collaborative environment where you’ll learn from me and your peers! Listen as like-minded individuals share their unique experiences to help you assess challenges from a different lens and overcome adversity in your personal or professional life.

Embrace the climb and attain your goals, without sacrificing your well-being.

She really knows her stuff and her journey is impeccable.

– Alex L.

Before working with Stephanie Denise, I was underwater. Now I feel like I can freely move on to other things without ruminating.

– Ericka C. 

Stephanie’s straight forward approach is greatly needed in a world full of fluff.

– Michael W.

Stephanie has such a insightful way of putting things. She helped me focus on the facts and take my emotions out, so I can see situations for what they are.

– Colleen  S.

The Elevate Method: A Proven 6-Step Framework for Cultivating Sustainable Success 

Clearly Define The Desired Outcome

Clearly define your North Star based on your priorities, free from the opinions of others.

Frame Your Internal Conversation

Identify what’s the story that you’re telling yourself. Clarify what part of the story is rooted in fact verses what’s rooted in limiting beliefs or fiction.

Take Conscious Action

Decide what’s the next “best” micro-step you can immediately take. 

Courage Fuels Confidence

Focus on completing tasks rather than the result in order to build momentum.

Control the Controllables

Clarify what’s in your control and what isn’t. Identify what you can handle and what falls outside your responsibility either due to your skill, your will and or your capacity.

Relentlessly Commit

Lock in, then rinse and repeat. Know that success will always follow the person who’s willing to commit to the work and go on the journey of self mastery.