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Real-World Professional

From climbing the corporate ladder to working for the NBA, Stephanie Denise has more than two decades of experience in the Telecom & Sports industry. Through relentless perseverance she’s repeatedly found ways to meet the moment while working on some of the world’s biggest stages.

As a highly accomplished professional, her consulting and coaching practice isn’t based on textbook theories like most; instead it’s grounded in practical real-world experience. Backed by her proven framework, she understands firsthand the challenges elite performers face and is a highly sought-out resource for top clients.

On a mission is to empower the people who power the world.

Serving elite athletes, highly skilled professionals, and brands both on an off the court

Get to Know Stephanie Denise

  • Houston born. North Carolina raised. New York made.
  • Love Language: Food. Let’s eat!
  • Dedicated plant mom.
  • She’s known for going from hiking boots, to Hokas, or high heels in a moment’s notice.
  • Standing at 6’1, she is ironically the shortest amongst her siblings.